John’s Business Background

John has a tremendous background in business, having successfully served at many levels in the business world. He has worked for large, multi-national corporations like Sears Roebuck and company and Occidental Life Insurance Company, and also for his own consulting firm, J. P. Falchi and Associates.

One great advantage that John gained by working for Sears was to have completed a very comprehensive training program in all aspects of a store’s operations — from Customer Service, to Personnel, to Accounting and Department Sales. He began on the Loading Dock, handling the various types of goods that come into a store. He ended up in charge of a clothing line in Sears’ West Coast Distribution Center. It provided John with an insight to a variety of different kinds of work that people do and enabled him to better understand the occupations of many different people.

John became Sears’ Loaned Executive to the 1962 Los Angeles County United Way. During that effort he raised over $200,000 from 25 poor giving industrial accounts in this $11 Million Campaign. This laid a solid foundation in fund raising which he later built upon when he went into development management work full-time.

Later, working for the Occidental Life Insurance Company, he marketed the California Teachers Association Life Insurance policy to educators in school districts throughout Southern California, bringing whole districts on board with this program. In this, he achieved an increase of over 100% in group insurance sales, breaking into the $5 Million Circle of Excellence.

With the Personal Resource Systems, Inc., as a Managing Consultant, he trained and supervised representatives to assist organizations and individuals in the management of finances, activities, time and communications through the sale of products and services.

With the Alliance of Californians for Community Empowerment John contacted potential clients via computer, telephone, and face to face meetings in an effort to enroll them in the ACCE Program.

As a Senior Associate for Legal Shield he marketed legal services to potential clients; he presented these services to potential clients in both large groups and in face to face meetings with individuals, and helped to train new Associates in the program.

In his own Management Consulting business he has counseled a variety of business, professional and non-profit organizational clients in Southern California in areas of fund raising, membership building, Pr, and organizational planning, including The Salvation Army, Orangewood Home for Boys, and the Center on Law and Poverty. All in all, he has helped many groups reach their goals and objectives.