Positive Well-Being for All Living Things

The overriding purpose guiding John in all his endeavors is “Positive Well-Being for All Living Things.” He uses the knowledge, experience and insight accumulated over his lifetime to help individuals, groups and organizations to achieve results that enable them to fulfill their missions. John looks beyond the obvious and has the determination to find solutions that others don’t find. Consequently, he can train other people to think independently and teach them to have grit and determination.

John has more than 55 years of experience in the Development Management field in the areas of fundraising, membership building, pr, and organizational planning. He has helped to plan and carry out capital campaigns ranging from $100,000, to build a Salvation Army Abused Women’s Shelter in Billings, MT, to more than $1 Billion, to rebuild the Undergraduate Program of Stanford University.

He is experienced in corporate and foundation fundraising, government grantsmanship, and has served as Chief Development Officer for a number of organizations, including the UCLA College of Fine Arts.

He has worked with many institutions on Board Development, volunteer training, and member participation. Moreover, John has carried out feasibility studies to determine whether or not an institution should proceed with a campaign, and he has the experience of planning fund raising campaigns and carrying them out to successful conclusions. John also has more than seventeen years of teaching experience from pre-school to graduate school, including work at the University of Nebraska, Wilmington College, National University, SDSU and UCSD.

John has a Bachelor of Arts from Stanford in International Relations and a Master’s Degree in Political Science from Cal State Northridge. He lives in San Diego.